Window Tinting

Instantly turn an average vehicle into a sexy stunner with tinted windows. At 406 Motoring, our superior and affordable brands of automotive window film create a stylish look and a comfortable interior. We represent THE only authorized dealer of OEM Factory Match Window Tint film in western Montana!

Tinting your car at 406 Motoring is the savvy choice for the intelligent customer. We offer you the convenience to choose from a wide array of optically clear and tinted films that provide several levels of protection, ultimately giving you a supreme level of sun protection and the sophisticated style you desire. The abundant benefits of window tinting include protection for your car's interior from the sun's damaging rays, reduction in heat and glare, and drastic improvements to the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

By adding window tint film, you will help you car's heater during the frigid winter and, as before mentioned, your AC in the summer months. Adding a layer of film is like inserting an additional layer of insulation to your vehicle's windows.

Keep the heat out in the summer and lock it in during those cold winter months!


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